VR Programming and Making Deals

Today I met with Warren to discuss teaming up to build a series of VR Games and experiences. For some of you guys who have been following me for a while, you’ll recognize Warren from when I was working with Sachin and Elevation Mechanics.

Warren and I came up with a big list of ideas that we want to get started on immediately. Hopefully time permits.

Check out my post on Twitter to see the list we came up with. Let me know which ideas you think are cool and would like to see.

-Steve Lyons

CES Day 1

Hey everybody,

Last night’s performance by Blink 182 was epic.

Today I will be meeting up with the guys from Start Houston/ Elevation Mechanics to go CES this year. Now this is my first year going to CES and really looking forward it it.

Getting Ready for Vegas

Steve Lyons Houston To Vegas

Hey everyone,

As some of you know I am a software developer at my company, Lyons Software.  We build mobile, web, and enterprise applications.  Recently, after working on a project for Elevation Mechanics here in Houston, we have started to focus on VR development.  I’m going to the AT&T Developer’s Conference this year in Las Vegas.

I’m making some last minute arrangements for a fun trip.